Monday, April 13, 2009

Why should I rent a condo?

Why a Condo vs Hotel?

When I ask people to tell me what they miss when they go on vacation and leave their home to stay in a hotel room, I hear a variety of complaints. Even when people stay in luxurious hotel chains the complaints are still the same.

For example, I always hear people want:


Most hotel rooms are standard in size and amenities. Two beds, a tv, nightstand, desk, dresser and a bathroom. The only change is that some rooms may offer a little bit more space to walk from bed to bathroom and nicer towels and toiletries.


In today's economy many people are requesting additional amenities be included in the price of a hotel room. For example, REFRIGERATORS are needed when you travel. Many hotels will place a refrigerator,the MINIBAR in your room but fill it with items you must pay for to consume. First with what it costs to pay for a soda you would have purchased a twelve pack. Also, can you assure the items are fresh. The items are restocked as they are consumed. MICROWAVE OVENS are also essential to heat up items. Mothers traveling with small children know how essential this is.


Isn't it funny that at home we all have separate bedrooms, yet we go on vacation and pack the entire family into one bedroom. Vacations are meant for families to have fun, relax and get ready for another year of hard work, school and stress. Even when traveling alone it's nice to have privacy. I stay at hotels when I travel on business and hate to have coworkers visit and have to sit on my bed. I am very messy and wish I could just shut the door and have another room to work in.


JACUZZI/HOT TUBS are another big ticket item. Of course you want one of these on vacation. This is probably the only time you will have time to soak in a hot tub.

WASHER/DRYER has become a necessity with the airlines charging for bags; travelers are packing light.

What items do you miss when you go on vacation?
What items would you like to see in standard hotel rooms?

If you could stay in a CONDO VS HOTEL for the same price which would you choose?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Why should I rent from you?
How does it work?"

I have always loved vacationing but I love saving money even more! so when I found out I was able to vacation and save money, I felt I won the lottery. I bought my first timeshare in 2001 after traveling in hotels all of my life. Now I'm not telling you to go out and buy a timeshare, just sharing my experience.

The first timeshare I purchased was at Orange Lake Resort yet I've NEVER stayed in my unit. I began trading and using the exchange benefits that come with timeshare membership.

We're now in 2009 and I now own over a dozen weeks and over half a million points. Again, I'm not telling you to buy a timeshare. I realized everytime I took a trip and stayed in a resort, that this was the only way I would ever vacation and save money. I'll show you how:

I would plan where I was going to go in advance and secure/book my unit. Then I'd search around different airline rates on different days (a benefit of planning ahead), or plan to drive. After, I would always find a traveling partner to share more costs (a benefit of timeshare vs. hotel unit... 2bedroom + full kitchen vs a bed and a fridge!). Why let such a large unit go to waste?

When I arrived at my destination, whether by plane or car, first thing I'd do is hit a Walmart/ Costco/ BJ's/ Sams Club and purchase in bulk the Items I would use for the entire week. Lots of savings here!

Then I check out all the amenities the resorts have to offer for more savings (free barbecues, lunch by the pool, dinner specials, activities, etc...). I also check out all of the discounts most tourist locations will offer and then and only after I've exhausted all avenues, will I pay full price! (RARELY HAPPENS!!!)

So you can see I have years of experience that I LOVE to share with others!

The benefits of renting from me vs. renting from a resort: SAVINGS & KNOWLEDGE. By renting a unit from me, I give you all of my years of experience included in the price of your rental.

How it works: For units in Orlando, your first contact with me will be to request a unit and the dates you are planning to travel. I will search & provide you with choices to different resorts. I will ask for a one night, non-refundable deposit to secure the unit. When you arrive, I will meet you at the resort to make sure everything is up to my standards (which are very high) and then provide you with all of the info you and your wallet need to survive a week in Orlando! (this is only if you allow me. If you want to do this on your own, I believe in free will). Before I leave, I collect the rest of the money for your stay. I provide you with all of my contact information in case you need it. If you follow my tips, you will have a wonderful time and go home with some money to spare (or extra souvenirs).

I rent units all over the world, just can't meet you at the other check in's -LOL. On units outside of Orlando, the units are placed in your name via a guest certificate and full payment is required before unit is transferred to your name.

I hope to have some of my previous guests post their experiences and I have been reviewed at Jolly Mom.

Look forward to being a part of your next vacation!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Welcome! My name is Pilar Morales, and I rent out vacation units.

About Me: I was raised in Miami, FL and 6 years ago, moved to a little town 20 minutes out of Orlando, FL with my daughter (who's all grown up now). Living in one of the top 10 vacation spots in the world, I started to see how much money families spend on vacations, and what they really get for it... and I started to look for ways to make vacationing a nicer, less expensive experience. I found: TIMESHARE. I now own over a dozen timeshare units annually, and offer non-timeshare owners the same first-class experience, at regular hotel prices. How does that sound?

PSM VACATIONS: PSM Vacations is how I rent out my units. I work alone, and everyone who stays in one of my units is renting from ME. There's no middle-man, no hidden fees, no taxes, no getting the run-a-round when trying to reach me... I am 100% available for my guests and 100% dedicated to getting you the best experience I can possibly offer.

This blog: This blog is going to be showcasing different resorts that offer VACATION RENTALS... AT HOTEL PRICES! when you book through me. I'm hoping to offer an organized webpage of some of the more common units I rent out, so you don't have to go searching for all of the extra information all around the web. This blog will be lots of information, in one easy-to-access environment... at least that's what I will strive for.

My goal is to offer you the best experience, for as little money possible. If it happens to be a little more pricey than a hotel room, I can guarantee you will be getting much more for your $$$!

I'd like to thank Piera @ Jolly Mom for all of the help she provided!